Facts about Taichung City – Taichung Q&A

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Where is Taichung?

Taichung City is a city in Taiwan. It is the third city in the island for population, after Taipei and Kaohsiung. It is located in Central Taiwan, 133 km south of Taipei and at about 20 km from the Taiwan Strait.

Where is Taichung City?

Where is Taichung City?

How many people live in Taichung City?

2,700,000 persons live in Taichung. The population of Taichung proper (Inner Taichung) amounts to 1,130,000 people. The rest live in the outskirts, where there are relevant towns, such as Dali, Taiping, Fengyuan and Tanzi.

How large is Taichung?

The total surface of the Special Municipality of Taichung covers 2214 km². Most of the population lives in just 1177 km² (density 2300/km²).

Taichung City territory includes also vast areas, with forests and mountains of more than 3,000 meters of altitude. The remote Heping District extends for 1037 km², with a population of only 10,700 (density 10.2/km²).

Black Cilai. Stupendous mountains are at just 2 hours drive from Taichung City.

Black Cilai. Stupendous mountains are at just 2 hours drive from Taichung City.

What does Taichung mean?

The name Taichung means “Central Taiwan“. This name was given by the Japanese (Taichu).

The correct modern spelling (Hanyu Pinyin romanization) is actually Taizhong. Anyway, the spelling Taichung has been in use for a long time and will probably stay.

How Taichung is written in Chinese?

You can find it more often written as 台中 (simplified characters), in maps, addresses and so on … You will also find it written as 臺中 (traditional characters) on, for example, official documents and public buildings.

How is the weather in Taichung City?

Taichung has the reputation to have the best climate in Taiwan. Winters are not as cold and dump as Taipei. Summers are not so hot and humid as in Southern Taiwan.

While this is less or more true (Taichung has “only” about 1700 mm of rain each year), the city can often be unbearably humid as the rest of Taiwan (the average humidity is 80%).

Anyway it is also true that Taichung is less exposed to typhoons than Northern and Eastern Taiwan.

Taichung Climate

Taichung Climate (from Wikipedia)

What is Taichung famous for?

Taichung is the world capital of bicycles industry. Giant bicycles maker, and a lot of OEM suppliers, are all headquartered here.

Studio scenes of Ang Lee’s movie, Life of Pi, were shot in Taichung.

Bubble Tea was initially a local delicacy. It was invented by a Taichung teahouse, Chun Shui Tang.

Among Taiwanese people, Taichung is also known to be the home of Suncakes, a Taiwanese dessert.

What are the good things about Taichung City?

The city is not so big, compared to Taipei. You can still feel life is less hectic than in the capital. It is very close to the mountains and to many of the best Taiwan attractions, such as Chung Tai Chan Monastery.

Especially, if you plan to live here, the living cost is much less than Taipei. With the same amount of money, you can afford a much larger and newer house in Taichung. If you buy a house, your investment is much more likely to keep or increase its value in Taichung than in Taipei.

Taichung from Dadushan. The Science Park in the foreground.

Taichung City from Dadushan. The Science Park in the foreground.

What are the bad things about Taichung?

The city has grown a lot in the last 10-15 years, but without adequate urban and road planning. Public transport and traffic conditions are not good enough, air quality unfortunately follows.

Also, the lack of sidewalks makes walking unpleasant in most of Taichung City.
Here you can find a mostly humorous article about Ten Reasons Why Taichung is the Best City.

Rundown Building in Taichung Old City Center

Rundown Building in Taichung Old City Center

How many foreigners live in Taichung City?

About 80,000 foreigners live in Taichung. Most of them are temporary workers from SE Asia (factory workers, caregivers, etc).

What are the attractions in Taichung?

You can find two growing sections of taichung.guide, one about attractions in Taichung, one about day trips from Taichung.

Tasting tea in a famous teashop in Wuqi, Taichung

Tasting tea in a famous teashop in Wuqi, Taichung

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