K2 Italian Ice Cream

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K2 offers one of the best ice cream in Taichung.

The shop moved from the Science Museum to the Park Lane – Nova area, where it is now selling not also italian “gelato” but also “pizza al taglio” and italian delicacies.

K2 sells a real italian handcrafted ice cream, prepared with fresh ingredients. K2 is one of the premises owned by J-Ping, the man that have done the most to promote italian cuisine in Taichung.

The name K2 resounds with Italian nostalgia. K2 is the second mountain in the world. It was conquered for the first time by Italian climbers in 1954. That was seen at that time as a huge success as the country was recovering from the disasters of WWII. So, in the ’50 and ’60, many places received this auspicious name.

K2 offers around 20 flavors of ice cream. There are a few “classic”, such as chocolate, hazelnut, mango, coffee and vanilla. And especially new fancy italian flavors, such as nutella (sweet cream made with chocolate and hazelnuts), limoncello (from the liquor made with lemon skins), blueberry and yogurt, strawberry and yogurt and many others.

A cup with one flavor costs 80 NTD, with two flavors 100 NTD. K2′ specialities also include  croissant with ice cream (110NTD) and affogato al caffè, ice cream “drowned” in espresso coffee.

Some will say that K2 ice cream is not cheap. The prices are indeed almost similar to those in Italy. Still, you have to consider that this ice cream is cheaper (and much better) than some overrated industrial ice cream brands ubiquitous in Taiwan.


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