The Lin Hotel – Pamper Yourself in Taichung City

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The Lin Hotel Taichung is the newest among luxury hotels in the city. It just opened at the beginning of 2015.

The Lin Hotel in Taichung

The Lin Hotel in Taichung

The Lin Hotel is located in Area 7 (Chi Chi), the leisure and shopping center of Taichung City. It has quite easy access to Taiwan High Speed Rail station (10-15 mn drive) and to the main business destinations in Western Taichung, especially to the Precision Machinery Park and Central Taiwan Science Park.

The Lin Hotel is in the shopping and administrative center of Taichung

The Lin Hotel is in the shopping and administrative center of Taichung


The Lin Hotel aims to be among the top range of 5 stars hotel in Taichung. So, it competes with Millenium Vee Hotel and Hotel One.

The accent is especially on the size and the comfort of the rooms, the luxury of decor (a lot of very fine stone everywhere), and the quality of dining.

There are all the facilities you expect in a hotel of this range, such as an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, indoor spa and sauna.

Tiger City Shopping Mall is just behind the hotel, in the same block. Top City and Shinkong Mitsukoshi, probably the best department stores in Taichung, are only at just 800m of easy walk in one of the very few walkable areas of Taichung. Along the way, you can see the new Taichung Opera House and Maple Valley Garden.


The Lin Hotel Taichung features two restaurants, LV Buffet and Japanese Cuisine, and a bar, Lin Bar.

Japanese Cuisine offers …. surprise, high end Japanese cuisine. It provides a sushi bar and individual tables, in a quite luxurious setting, dark lounge style. Set menus price ranges from 1,200 to 3,200 TWD.

LV Buffet (LV stays for Las Vegas) serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon teas and dinner, with prices ranging from 690 to 1,090 TWD. It opens at 6.30 AM for breakfast.

We tried the LV Buffet for lunch on a Sunday, when it was filled with local patrons. Taiwanese love buffet, of course LV is on the high end of buffet restaurants, with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Among the signature dishes, we tried and enjoyed a delicate Lobster Soup, a perfect Cantonese Salt and Pepper Prawns, and the Beijing Duck sliced and prepared on the spot. There is a good, vast, salad bar.

The Lin Bar, opened until 01AM, serves also snacks and light meals.

In Tiger City Shopping Mall, that, as we mentioned, is just behind the hotel, there are several other restaurants available, including a MacDonald, Chili’s, a Ramen Shop and more.


The Lin Hotel offers more than 300 large guestrooms. The rooms are sized from 50 to 86 sqm (so they are all more hotel suites than rooms). More, all the rooms are 3.2m high and have bright and scenic floor-to-ceiling windows. All the bathrooms have a separate wide shower room and a bathtub. Lin Hotel guestrooms are equipped with 48-inch TVs, L’Occitane toiletries and other amenities.

The Lin Hotel Tips

The Lin Hotel Taichung is a new luxury 5 stars hotel. It is located in one of the nicest areas of Taichung. Three shopping malls, a lot of fine dining, are all close by, in the same neighborhood.

The 1st Highway Interchange is close too (only at 4 traffic lights, nearly “traffic jams proof”). The High Speed Rail Station is at 10 minutes ride. Taichung Science Park, 1st Industrial Park and, especially, the Precision Machinery Park are in the same “side” of the city, all easily reachable in 15-20 minutes drive, in normal traffic conditions. The Lin Hotel is also very close (about 200m) to one of the major intercity bus stations in Taichung, Chaoma.

Lin Hotel, among the 5 stars hotels in Taichung, is more on the “flashy” side. There are a lot of marbles and stones … a kind of Dubai or Las Vegas style. The room price range accordingly … it is a tad more expensive than Windsor Hotel, which is a fine 5 stars hotel too, but in a not so perfect location, and more business oriented. Is it worthy? Check it out!

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