Location: Heping District

Heping is the “mountain district” of the Greater Taichung. It is also the largest and the less populated of the city.

Heping District stretches along the narrow valley of the Dajia River, surrounded by lush, steep mountains, culminating in the Xueshan (Snow Mountain) at 3,886 meters.

Heping covers 1,037 square kilometers. Only about 10,500 people inhabit this sparse area. Almost half of them, about 4,000, are Atayal aboriginal people.

Heping has plenty of attractions, especially for nature lovers.

The most important are Guguan Hot Springs, Dasyueshan and Basianshan Forest Recreation Areas.

In the upper section of Dajia River, still in Heping, but not easily reachable from Taichung, you can find even more beautiful places: Lishan, Wuling Farm and Fushoushan Farm.

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