Location: Xitun District

Xitun District (西屯區) is located in the north-western part of Taichung, Taiwan. The name Xitun means Western Settlement or Western Village.

The settlement first developed along Xitun Road. This street, one of the oldest in Taichung, is still important today. It is a narrow busy road, full of shops, that stretches from the city center along Fengchia up to Art Street to the west of Taichung.

Most of the area , not long time ago, was part of the countryside. Nowadays Xitun District has become the new administrative and business center of Taichung. The landmarks of the area are the City Hall, the Metropolitan Opera House and the shining Mitsukoshi and Top City Department Store.

Also the famous Fengchia Night market is in this district. Some of the most important universities in Taichung are also located here, such as Fengchia University and Tunghai.

It is also written as Situn District in the old romanization system, still found on maps and road signs.

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