Is Maple Garden worthy of a visit?

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Maple Garden is a small park in the Xitun District of Taichung City.

The garden is also know as Maple Valley Park.

Maple Garden in Taichung City

Maple Garden in Taichung City

Maple Garden Facts

  • It opened in 2012.
  • The City Government built the park on the excavation site of the (abandoned) project of Taichung’s World Trade Center. This is why is so deep (9 meters)! Locals nicknamed it “The Crater“.
  • Maple Valley extends for 3 hectares, or 7 acres. The park includes a lake, a bridge and a cafeteria.
  • The park functions also as a drainage site for the area.
Maple Garden is nicknamed "The Crater". It also serves as drainage during typhoons or heavy rains.

Maple Garden is nicknamed “The Crater”. It also serves as drainage during typhoons and heavy rains.


Maple Garden is a nice green oasis in the midst of one of the busiest area of Taichung. It is a blessing, if you are one of the lucky inhabitants of the surrounding luxury apartment buildings.

If you are already in the area (Chaoma Bus Station, Taichung National Theater, Tiger City, Mitsukoshi or Top City Department Stores), the park is definitively worthy of a visit.

Said that, we don’t feel this garden is one of the best places to see in Taichung. Even in Taichung, there are larger and/or more interesting parks. For example, Taichung Metropolitan Park or the Botanic Garden in the Science Museum.

That's all? Yes, basically that's all...

That’s all? Yes, basically that’s all…

This is just our opinion, of course, yours may be different … if so, please feel free to add your comment below!

But kids always found something interesting to do!

But kids always find something interesting to do!

Anyway, the evening is the best time to visit Maple Valley. At that time Maple Valley attracts local musicians, some street performers. The buildings around glow with lights.

© Richie Chan | - Maple Garden at Dusk

Maple Garden at Dusk – © Richie Chan |

Beware that during the day, in summer, since the garden is mostly below the ground level, it can be very hot: there is no breeze in The Crater!

Where to eat

There is a cafeteria, overlooking the pond.

Cafeteria. They serve light meals too. We did not try it yet.

Cafeteria. They serve light meals too. We did not try it yet.

There are plenty of restaurants and eateries all around anyway. Three departments stores are at less than 300 meters away.

Tiger City is the closest, they have very good hamburgers served by The Freen. We like very much Ippudo, a Japanese Ramen Shop in Shinkong Mitsukoshi (9th floor, same same ramen as in their Kyoto eatery!).

Din Tai Fung always attracts crowds in Top City Department Store. If you like dumplings, try it, it is open all the day. But you will have to queue during lunch or dinner time …

Hotels around Maple Garden

This is a great place to stay in Taichung, just in front of a major intercity bus hub (Chaoma), close to department stores, at 20 minutes walk from Fengchia Night Market. Well connected with both the stations.

Just in front of the park, across Taiwan Boulevard, there is the Dion Hotel.

© Richie Chan | - Maple garden in taichung city

The Hotel Dion is conveniently located opposite Maple Garden, along Taiwan Boulevard, just in front of a bus stop.

Herz Motel is close too, along Taiwan Boulevard, just between Maple Garden and Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store. It is cheaper (about 2,000 NTD per room). Two good friends of us lodged there and they liked it.

If you want something more upscale, the very good 4 stars Hung’s Mansion is also along Taiwan Boulevard but in the opposite direction, closer to highway and expressway interchanges .

The Lin is a luxury 5 stars hotel. It is located 100 meters SW of  Maple Park, in the same block of Tiger City Shopping Mall.

How to Get to Maple Garden

Very easy! Chaoma Bus Interchange is just there. If you travel to Taichung by bus you will probably stop there.

The garden is also at the important Chaoma Bus Stop on the fast lane of Taiwan Boulevard (ex BRT). All the buses from #300 to #308 stop there. They link Taichung Main Station with different destinations in West Taichung, such as Providence and Tunghai University, Wuqi Fishing Port (#307), Taichung Airport (#302).

On the bus slow lane (Maple Garden Stop – 秋紅谷), you can catch:

  • bus #5 to Fengchia Night Market;
  • #27 and #48 to LingTung University (and Rainbow Village);
  • #69 again to Taichung Airport;
  • #324 to Art Street and Taichung Metropolitan Park.



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