National Museum of Natural Science Taichung

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No doubt, the National Museum of Natural Science Taichung is one of the most popular Taichung attractions. It really appeals to kids. But don’t worry, there are many things for everyone.

National Museum of Natural Science Taichung

National Museum of Natural Science Taichung

Facts about Taichung Science Museum

  • It is the third among Taiwan museums for number of visitors, more than 3,000,000 each year.
  • The main compound covers 9 hectares. Plus 4.5 hectares of the Botanic Garden and Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse.
  • The main compound is divided in 6 venues:
    • Space IMAX Theater.
    • 3D Theater.
    • Science Center.
    • Life Science Hall.
    • Human Cultures Hall.
    • Global Environment Hall.
  • The museum hosts 27 permanent and 6 temporary exhibits.
Taichung Science Museum - Front

Taichung Science Museum – Front

Highlights of the National Museum of Natural Science Taichung

  • The huge Palaeoloxodon elephant skeleton. These elephants roamed the land bridge between Taiwan and China during the Ice Age.
  • The Gallery of Dinosaurs. It contains more than 50 fossils and four animatronic dinosaurs.
  • The Water-powered Armillary and Celestial Tower. A full-scale working model of Su Sung astronomical clock tower. The tower was erected in Kaifeng, capital city of the Northern Sung Dynasty, in the years 1086-1093 AD.
  • A preserved Giant Squid, 8.84 meters long and 240 kilograms heavy.
  • The IMAX Space Theater, a state-of-the-art planetarium.
  • The 3D Theater, newly renovated, features High Definition 3D movies.
  • The Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse. It is a glass cone 31 meters high and 56 meters wide. The Greenhouse is home to a very scenic corner of rainforest. Don’t miss the Amazon freshwater tank with huge Arapaima and Giant Piranhas fishes.

Science Museum Tips

  • There is not much English in many of the museum exhibits. On the contrary, the museum website has an outstanding and up-to-date English section (quite rare for Taiwan). Take full advantage of it before your visit.
  • If you have to choose between the IMAX Space Theater and the 3D Theater, choose the latter. The quality of the HD 3D movies is stunning.
  • The Botanic Garden is very interesting too (and it is free). It features different Taiwan Lowlands environments, including the Monsoon Rainforest of Kenting (amazing!). But it is small. So don’t be disappointed. No, it is not Singapore’s Botanic Garden, sorry!
  • Also, take some time to enjoy the gardens around the main compound of the museum, especially the larger western side. It is really an enjoyable garden, spotlessly managed.
  • There are a couple of cafeterias and a MacDonald. Just outside there are more interesting places to eat. Also, Sogo Department Store is near.
  • If you live in Taichung and you love the Science Museum, you can consider to buy a membership. It is convenient, especially if you have children.
Taichung Botanic Garden

Taichung Botanic Garden

How to Get to the Science Museum

The Museum is at only 200 meters from Taiwan Boulevard. From Taichung railway station or from Chaoma bus station (Maple Park Stop – direction to the train station), just take one of the #300-308 fast buses along the inner (BRT) lane and drop at the Science Museum Stop.

From the Taiwan High Speed Railway Station (THSR), you can take the shuttle bus #159 (Direction Taichung Park). Alight at Science Museum stop.

Velociraptors never fail to catch kids attention - National Museum of Natural Science Taichung

Velociraptors never fail to catch kids attention – National Museum of Natural Science Taichung

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