Rainbow Village (Caihongjuan Village)

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Rainbow Village is one of the most surprising Taichung attractions. It is a one man show, painted by a very talented, and rather visionary, old veteran soldier.

What is Rainbow Village?

Taiwan is still scattered with “veterans villages“. These villages had been built hastily, with cheap materials. They gave simple housing to the Kuomintang soldiers, and their families, after they retreated from Mainland China.

Rainbow Village Taichung: Detail

Rainbow Village Taichung: Detail

In the last twenty years these villages have been disappearing, one by one. The government gave the land to building companies, providing in exchange new decent apartments to the surviving veterans or their families.

Rainbow Village in Taichung is one of these veterans villages. It was already being torn down house by house. One of the last village residents is Mr.Huang. One day he started to paint the empty and dying village. He painted animals, dolls, airplanes, manga characters, etc … All with vibrant colors, filling the walls and the alleys.

Huang Yung-fu, aka Rainbow Grandpa, some years ago.

Huang Yung-fu, aka Rainbow Grandpa, welcoming visitors some years ago.

Students of the nearby Ling Tung University discovered the paintings, a few years ago. Rainbow Village started to attract attention, at first only in Taichung, then island wide. After the protests of the local people, and also realizing that the village was becoming one of the attractions in Taichung City, the local government decided to suspend the demolition.

What you will see in Rainbow Village?

Rainbow Village - Taichung

Rainbow Village – Taichung

Rainbow Village is actually a tiny dwelling. Now it just consists in few houses.

So don’t expect a kind of fairy tale village, where you can lose yourself in awe. It can be visited in just 10-15 minutes, if you like.

The place anyway has some kind of magic … it is actually pretty unique. Mr. Huang painting may look naive but it is not childish ….surrealistic maybe… is it possible that Rainbow Grandpa knows the artwork of Joan Miró?

This is a popular attraction, so it is crowded on weekends. Rainbow Grandpa still lives here, the village is actually his house, so please be respectful.

Access to the place has always been completely free (donations are welcome but not solicited). Recently a small souvenir shop has opened. The shop, that is run by Grandpa’s grandson (so we have been told), sells quite beautiful hand-made souvenirs based on Grandpa’s artwork.

Caihongjuan (Rainbow) Village

Caihongjuan (Rainbow) Village

How to Get to Rainbow Village

This attraction is located in Nantun District, quite far from Taichung city center. Except the village itself, there is nothing of interest in this area. The chinese name is Caihongjuan Village (彩虹眷村).

– Taichung THSR Station to Rainbow Village

By Taxi: About 160-200NTD.

By Bus: Bus #26-70-99, direction Lingtung University. Stop Nantun Tongan House (南屯同安厝)(it should be the 10th stop from the THSR station). Then walk about 240m along Lane 19, Zhongyong Rd. (see photo below).

New! From April 8th, 2017, Bus #655 will connect Rainbow Village with XinWuri Rail Station (adjacent to Taichung THSR Station) and Gaomei Wetlands, but only on weekends, public holidays, summer and winter school vacations. Click here for details.

Direction from Nantun Tongan House bus stop to Rainbow Village

Direction from Nantun Tongan House bus stop to Rainbow Village

– Taichung Main Railway Station to Rainbow Village

By Taxi: The ride will cost 260-300NTD.

By Bus: Bus #27-29-30-40, direction Lingtung University. Stop Lingtung University (嶺東科技大學(嶺東路)). Then walk about 400m to the south along Lingtung Rd. (see photo below). You will see the village on the right. Also, bus #56 and #89, that start their route at the north side of Lingtung University (Yongchun Road), can be ridden to reach the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the city center.

Direction from Lingtung University Stop to Rainbow Village

Direction from Lingtung University Stop to Rainbow Village


If Those Walls Could Talk: Taichung’s Rainbow Village

The Rainbow Grandpa saving a Taiwan village with art


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